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We’re here to provide you with private investigating needs like Identity theft, cheating spouse, loss prevention, and background check we are committed to your case.   

 Why Choose S&B Investigations

Based in South Florida, S&B Investigations, Inc. is a full service licensed and insured private investigative agency providing a wide array of services specializing in professional investigations throughout the State of Florida. Our investigative staff has a strong personal commitment to conduct each assignment with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, discretion and confidentiality. We take pride in solving cases which require creative solutions. Highly responsive to our client's needs, we can tailor our service(s) to respond to special requests.

You should hire a private investigator when you have a need to find out the facts of any given situation, need evidence for court or are simply looking for peace of mind. Anytime you need to gather facts on an individual, a group or a specific situation you need to be sure it is done properly, and more importantly, legally.

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